At Brisbane Foot Clinic, we stock a range of footwear from ANODYNE at our Browns Plains clinic.

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Born and raised in the emergent city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Anodyne represents the core of an age-old Midwestern culture – pride, dedication and hard work.

Dinner at a local restaurant in downtown Milwaukee brought together a collection of old friends that are more like family. This group had a common element among them – all had experience working in the footwear industry. All agreed that, sure, there was a mass availability of shoes in the market; however, a common concern was expressed – was there room for improvement? The answer, unequivocally, was yes.

This gathering eventually prompted the creation of a brand dedicated to embracing the quality, commitment and trust that’s missing in the industry.

They are a group of designers, fit experts, pedorthists, and most importantly, a group of friends that share a common goal. They understand the nature and landscape of the footwear industry. They know what to do to create a cohesive product, service, and brand. And perhaps even more importantly, they know what not to do.

Self-improvement is their guiding principle. It’s their belief that you, our customers, are in the best position to guide their growth. So don’t ever hesitate to reach out and tell them how you feel. They want to hear from you. Seriously.

Cheers to continual innovation, research, and improvements that will bring your anodyne closer to home.





With Anodyne, you genuinely want to wear your shoes. The materials we’ve used and designers we’ve engaged have succeeded in bringing you a product that will effectively address both your aesthetic desires and comfort needs.



Light Weight Outsole – all day comfort, increased durability

Padded Collar – an alternative to leather, our collars prevent possible irritation where the material meets your ankle

Padded Tongue – prevents foot slippage and ensures proper fit

Lining – we’ve designed all styles with the absolute minimum number of seams. By avoiding excess seams, you lower the risk of possible irritation and complication.



No Metal – metal can often irritate and damage the skin, and in rare cases, sewing needles and staples may accidentally be left in shoes and, in turn, cause serious damage. Recognizing this potential hazard, we’ve circumvented any such exposure by eliminating absolutely all metal components from our shoes. In addition, every pair of shoes is run through a metal detector prior to shipping.

Antimicrobial Treatment – in order to ensure our shoes are 100% hygienic, we spray the inside of every pair with our proprietary, Anti-microbial Protectant before shipping. This 100% natural, anti-fungal and anti-microbial process naturally reduces 99.9% of germ, virus, and bacteria exposure.

Precautionary Components


Each of the following shoe components, carefully incorporated into each design, help maintain the durable structure of the shoe while protecting the feet and preventing potential injury.

Extra Depth – accommodates for swelling, and placement of orthosis/insert

Protective Toe Box – protects toes

Shank – adds extra support to arch area of shoe

Heel Counter – provides maximum foot support by cradling the heel to prevent heel slippage