Back to School Feet

It is getting towards the end of the school holiday and many parents have now started preparing their kids ready for another year of school.

But did you know with children, the bones in their feet don’t fuse together until puberty, and they can undergo rapid development during their school age. They can often experience pain in their feet, ankles, shins or even in their knees. These are often overlooked by many parents as normal “growing pain”, however, they can have a serious effect on your children’s feet and their adult life if left attended.

You should bring your children for further investigation if you have noticed,

  • Foot pain or any other lower limb pain that persists more than 48 hours
  • Constantly tripping or falling over
  • Limping
  • Concerning walking pattern
  • Inability to participate in sports or physical activities
  • Uneven wear pattern with their footwear
  • Lumps or bumps on their feet
  • Abnormal skin growth or rashes

It is still recommended to have your child assess by a podiatrist at least once a year even if they do not have any trouble with their feet and legs to ensure healthy development and maintaining their foot health. If your child is actively involved in sports, then it is even more important to have their feet checked regularly by a podiatrist as they undergo more stress and impact to their growing feet.

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2017 Foot Health Month launches in October

One in five Australians suffer from foot pain. This October, the Australian Podiatry Association is proud to kick start its annual national campaign – Foot Health Experts. The month-long campaign aims to raise awareness on foot health, highlighting the benefits and importance of visiting a podiatrist as part of your annual health check.

It’s time to take a stand on foot health and educate Australians on the long-term benefits of taking care of your feet. From children to seniors to athletes to those suffering from chronic illness, a visit to the podiatrist can have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Podiatry is about more than just “the foot” – it’s about uncovering the root cause for pain anywhere from your lower back down. Podiatrists are the experts in foot and lower limb health – they assess, diagnose and prescribe treatment plans so you can continue living an active, pain-free lifestyle.

In recent years, the demand for podiatric care in Australia has increased significantly. Contributing factors include our aging population and the increase in the number of Australians diagnosed with Diabetes.  For example, did you know an astounding 4,400 diabetic amputations occur in Australia every year? Most of which can be prevented through podiatric care.

In the sporting industry, professional athletes regularly get their foot health checks with a podiatrist whereas most everyday Australians ignore their foot health. Podiatrists are fundamental to getting people moving and active, preventing injuries and prolonging healthy lives.

Most health funds today cover podiatry, with no referral needed. If you have ongoing pain in your foot, ankle or knee or have noticed a change in the way your walk, come and visit us!